March 22, 2010

New Non-Addictive Sleep Drug to Help People Sleep!!!

It was with great interest that I read a recent report that a new drug, Silenor, was approved by the FDA this month (March 18, 2010) to help people who have trouble sleeping. Although there are already prescription medications to help with sleep (Ambien and Lunesta being the most common ones), Silenor is very interesting in that there was no suggestion of any addictive properties or withdrawal with this medication in over 1000 patients during clinical trials.

In fact, Silenor has not been designated as a controlled substance by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) because of its demonstrated lack of abuse potential. Ambien and Lunesta are both considered as controlled substances.

Silenor binds with high affinity to the histamine H1 receptor... the same receptor that over-the-counter benadryl attaches to resulting in a side-effect of drowsiness. BUT, Silenor attaches to this receptor 14X more strongly compared to benadryl.

Silenor is made by Somaxon Pharmaceuticals (SOMX).

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