February 26, 2010

IPhone App for Tinnitus (White Noise)

While scanning for new iPhone apps of interest for ENT uses, I came across one called "White Noise." In essence, this program produces background white noise to help in noisy environments, but can just as easily be used to help reduce tinnitus. As many tinnitus sufferers are aware, the tinnitus is loudest when the environment is very quiet. White noise helps in this situation reduce a person's awareness of tinnitus.

The iPhone app alows one to customize the type of noise (waterfall, jungle, rain, etc) and for how long it should play for. There's other features where one can customize the sound itself (volume, balance, pitch) depending on the sound selected.

Click here to check it out on iTunes!

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Tinnitus said...

Wow, an iphone app for tinnitus! Seems good and its cheap enough. I heard about this from a friend who already used it with great results! Great post! Thanks a lot for posting this.

Sara Sofea said...

would u like to exchange link with me. my link is http://tinnituscares.blogspot.com tell me if u agree...

Anonymous said...

White noise helps in this situation reduce a person's awareness of tinnitus. tinnitus system review

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