January 13, 2010

You May Have a Condition Called Local Allergic Rhinitis Even If Allergy Testing Negative!!!

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A recent study was published describing a condition called "Local Allergic Rhinitis." This condition is when a patient appears to have sino-nasal allergies, but yet, have negative allergy test results whether on skin prick or RAST.

Up to 40% of patients with negative allergy test results may have this condition.

In order to diagnose this condition, it requires the detection of local antigen specific IgE in nasal secretions during natural exposure to aero-allergens as well as positive nasal allergen provocation test with local production of tryptase, eosinophil cationic protein and antigen specific IgE.

Read the study here.

Please note, our office is not able to perform these testing. We recommend getting evaluated at University of Virginia Allergy Department if you suspect you have Local Allergic Rhinitis.

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