November 27, 2009

Cheap Quality Prescriptions Thru Costco Pharmacy Mail Order

A patient recently brought this to my attention... but Costco Pharmacy offers very good prices on drugs, especially generics, even if a patient has no health insurance. Furthermore, you do NOT have to be a member to purchase these drugs! Even more importantly, the medications can be considered "good" unlike medications purchased from other online sources from Canada or Mexico.

For example, I searched for these drugs on 11/27/09 and these are the prices that came up:

Allegra 180mg
$79.19 for 30 (Brand Name)
$36.18 for 30 (generic)

Prilosec 20mg
$158.13 for 30 (Brand Name)
$15.18 for 30 (generic)

$87.36 for 1 (Brand Name)
$15.28 for 1 (generic)

Of course, with insurance, these prices may be even cheaper!

Check it out here. Once on the Costco website, click on pharmacy at the top and than look for the "Prescription Price Checker" link.
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