October 25, 2009

Our Office Has Been Renovated!

I have been hard at work all weekend with the generosity of friends as well as services of furniture reupholsters and general contractors. The waiting room as well as Exam Room 1 has been renovated for the better!

It has been a sore point for me that the walls of my waiting room have been drawn upon with crayons by errant kids. Once one kid has drawn upon it, the other squiggles soon followed (Same kid or different kids? I have no idea).

In any case, they are no more. The walls of the waiting room have been repainted in a two-tone color (sandstone/taupe) giving it a much warmer appearance than before. Furthermore, the waiting room chairs have been reupholstered with pleather to make it easier for cleaning.

Exam Room #1 has also been redone by reducing the space required by the built-in desk to half the size allowing for more free space for movement. The broken electrical outlet has also been fixed eliminating the need for an extension cord for the computer (a real eye-sore).

For those curious, the waiting room chair reupholstering was done by Miller Restorations and the exam room renovations by Cornerstone & Son Construction, LLC. Highly recommend both for pleasant services, being on-time, good price, prompt email correspondence, and excellent job.

Hopefully in the next 6-12 months, further office renovations will be pursued to take advantage of additional office space freed up by the disappearance of paper chart racks now that we've been using EMR the past 2 years.
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