September 02, 2009

NYT: Plastic Surgery May Cure Migraine Headaches???

The New York Times on Sept 2, 2009 published a story "Plastic Surgery May Also Ease Migraine Headaches," in which a modification of the facelift may improve and in some patients, even cure migraine headaches. The research abstract describing this surgical treatment for migraine headaches upon which the NYT story is based on can be read here.

So far, the only patients who are candidates for this type of surgery are those who respond positively to Botox injections and where the trigger points are on the face (not the neck or head region... yet).

Though our office does not offer this type of surgery, we have been successfully performing Botox injections since 2005 to those patients who suffer from migraine headaches.

Click here to read the NYT article.

Read here to read more about Botox injections for migraine headaches.
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Jack said...

Migraine is a condition that quite often could trap even infants. It shows signs like pulsating, gnawing pain in the forehead, temple area, feeling nauseous and becoming overtly sensitive to light. A new treatment of surgery has been introduced. Many patients went under the surgery and have found that 50% people migraines got cured.

jasmine said...

There exist several options for treating migraine headaches. Although there are numerous good alternative treatments for migraines, its still best to choose the safest treatments like natural treatments. Surgery can be a cure, but it can cost you a lot of money.

Fauquier ENT said...

Jasmine, what you say is true. At least in our practice, a patient is not a candidate for botox injections to treat migraine until the patient has been cleared by neurology to receive them AND all other options have been exhausted (whether they be natural treatments, acupuncture, or prescription medications).

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