July 27, 2009

Washington Post: Perfect Pitch CAN Be Taught?!!

There is a fascinating article in the July 27, 2009 edition of the Wasington Post on page A8 entitled "An Elusive Musical Gift Could Be at Children's Fingertips." This article elucidates a technique to teach any child to have perfect pitch, the ability to identify a note simply by hearing it. The technique is called "Eguchi Method" and developed by Kazuko Eguchi who developed it 40 years ago in Japan.

In essence, the technique, in order to be successful, must start before the age of 4 years old and uses colored flags (or any other object) to musical chords. Over time, more colored flags linked to different chords are added. Frequency of practice is more important than duration.

To read more about this, click here.
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