June 21, 2009

Neat ENT-Related iPhone Applications (Decibel Meter and Tinnitus Relief)

So I was browsing around the app store on iTunes and encountered a few applications that may be of interest to readers...

The first is related to measuring in decibels the ambient noise level called "Volume Decibel Reader". I like it in that it has a handy chart that shows what can happen to your hearing if you remain in the environment. You simply open the application and hit start and hold up the phone up in the air.
Volume Decibel Meter

The other application purportedly provides tinnitus relief in a method reminiscent of much more expensive alternatives (ie, Neuromonics which costs $5000+) using scientifically validated principles.
Tinnitus Relief - 48HR SALE

Any comments from readers who have actually tried either of these programs out?
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iPhone Users said...

Hi, nice review.
I will try those apps later.

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