April 26, 2009

Can I Take More Than One Allergy Medication???

The blunt answer is yes... but only if the medications are from different categories. What are the different categories? They include:

Anti-histamines (allegra, zyrtec, claritin, xyzal, clarinex, etc)
Steroid nasal sprays (flonase, nasonex, nasacort, rhinocort, etc)
Anti-histamine nasal sprays (astelin, astepro, patanase)
Saline flushes (Neilmed Sinus Rinse Kit)
Mast cell stabilizer (NasalCrom)

As such, a person can take one medication from each category and achieve better allergy control than taking just one medication alone.

For a more extensive discussion on each of these medication categories as well as explanation on why an allergic patient may sometimes need to take more than one medication, click here.

To read specifically on taking more than one allergy medication, click here.

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