February 22, 2009

Allergy CURE in a Pill???

Well... possibly just for grasses at this time and only in Europe. Grazax®, a grass-pollen allergen tablet, is now (in Europe) available for children and is made by Allergy Company ALK-Abell√≥. Grazax is the ONLY non-injection immunotherapy licensed to treat children suffering from severe hay fever caused by grass pollen allergy.

Grazax has been available for use in adults in Europe since January 2007. It's a once daily, fast-melting tablet which is placed under the tongue. Traditionally, immunotherapy has been given by injection but the tablet formulation is more convenient and easier to use. Sublingual allergy drops has been around for much longer and is already offered by some practices in the United States.

Grazax (as far as I know) is not available in the United States... yet...
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