July 16, 2008

New Video Example of a Glottic Mass Causing a Weak Voice

A new video of a 17 years old female with a weak and dampened voice due to a large glottic mass has been posted. The glottic mass (granulation tissue) is located at the anterior or front part of the voicebox right between the vocal cords. This mass prevents the vocal cords from coming together precisely and also dampens the vocal cord vibrations from mass effect resulting in her weak voice. When she tries to phonate, she exhibits a supraglottic squeeze as her voicebox muscles tries (in vain) to obtain a normal voice by squeezing ever harder to get the vocal cords to come together. In this particular scenario, the muscle tension is compensating for an underlying problem and is an example of compensatory muscle tension dysphonia.

Click here to read more about this and watch the video.
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