December 20, 2006

Device for Meniere's Disease and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

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Enttex is an Australian medical company that has introduced 2 devices for patients with ear problems. The first is the N300 used for patients with trouble equalizing their ear with pressure changes (ie, airplane travel) and the other is the P100 used for patients with Meniere's Disease. Honestly, from an anatomic standpoint, the N300 may work when going from low atmospheric pressure to high atmospheric pressure (ie, when the plane is landing), but not in reverse. The P100 is similar in principle to the Meniett device, but hard to say why or how it would work. In any case, though the concept is interesting, I am reserving my opinion on whether these devices actually work until studies have come out proving their mettle. Also, patient feedback would be nice.

The N300 device is available for purchase thru!
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