December 23, 2006

Device for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction??? (The EarPopper)

Well, recently heard about a device called the EarPopper that can be used by both children and adults. It basically is a device that pops your ear for you, potentially helpful in kids with persistent middle ear fluid and who don't quite understand how to auto-insufflate their ears. It is also helpful even in adults who suffer from eustachian tube dysfunction.

Of note, they sell these on There are also other similar products to the EarPopper including Otovent and Eustachi.


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Mark said...

Any update on experience with the EarPopper? My wife has a very hard time flying because of extreme pain in her right ear. She is wondering if this device would be able to help. She has had tubes put in and that helps, but it's too invasive.

Anonymous said...

I think I will be able to answer your question.
I work for Micromedics as the sales trainer on the EarPopper. In the last year and a half of training reps on the device the response has been astounding.

The device really does work and it's effects are felt instantly. I sometimes use my EarPopper on the plane when the pressure change is really dramatic (my Eustachian tubes normally work fine). And I feel like I am standing on the ground with no pressure in my ears.

If you go to the website you can read testimonials we have received from people who have been helped with their ear problems.

Any doctor can prescribe a device and soon it will be available at any pharmacy with a prescription (right now the home unit is shipped from Micromedics corp headquarters in MN).

It is totally safe and has great clinical research behind it. Good luck with your wife's ears and I hope this helped.

Derek Lidbom
National Sales Trainer

Anonymous said...

The research I have seen on the Ear Popper does sound wonderful, however my concern is that only one pair of researchers (Silman and Arick) are writting the articles; they to be the inventors of the device. It would be nice to hear of more trials by other experts.

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